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The best one stop shop online magazine store you can subscribe to: Magzter

Brand Vani Magzter

Do you read magazines regularly? Are you frequently on the move due to your job and prefer to have reading material on your phone? Well, I am one of those who is always on a lookout for online magazine subscriptions that can fill up my time during commutes and otherwise any other free time.

So, when I discovered Magzter, I really found it to be the handy one-stop-shop solution to my magazine reading requirements.

What is Magzter?

Magzter is the world’s largest and fastest growing digital newsstand. It is a unique platform that satisfies the thirst of millions of readers with an ocean of top-notch validated publications in the form of magazines, curated stories, and Newspapers from 4000+ publishers across Nations: an extremely useful curation indeed!

With a vision to become the “Netflix of Magazines”, and as a trusted publication curator, the platform enables its readers to browse, skim through, and subscribe to the magazines and newspapers of their choice. The platform offers a wide variety of magazines and stories under different categories and languages. This is why I call it “the one-stop-shop” for all reading needs and desires.

What kind of magazines does Magzter have?

On subscription, the platform offers its readers an opportunity to access 5000+ magazines/newspapers and premium stories along with the latest news bits 24*7 on their smartphone device or desktop. The subscriber is given the liberty to cancel the subscription anytime. This indicates the assurance of the quality services they provide to both readers and publishers.

Wide Range of Categories

From Fashion to Food, Business to Bridal, Arts to Automotive, Entertainment to Electronics, Magic to Men’s, Puzzles to Property, Science to Sports, Children to Corporate, Health to Hacking, Lifestyle to Love, Travel to Technology, Fiction to Fishing, Gardening to Gaming, Investment to Idea, Pop-music to Politics, the platform offers a diverse range of products.

Here’s a quick view of some of the magazines in top categories:

Forbes, Business Today, Outlook money, Indian Economy & Market, Financial ExpressBazaar, Natgeo Traveller, Conde Naste Traveller, Lonely Planet, Reader’s Digest, Mother & Baby, Hello!, Living Etc, Stuff, ProvokeAutosport, Sports Champ, Cricket,
Golf Digest, Cycling, Equus, Surfer
The Week, Open, Nakkheeran, Time, Desh, Kalki, The Caravan, Wishes, Lokprabha
Filmfare, OK!, Roopatara, Star, Kungumam, Cini Sprint, Cini Blitz, Hello! IndiaInside Outside, Good Homes, Design Detail, Inscape, House BeautifulAyurved Sutra, Life Positive, Women Fitness India, FHM Fit, Yoga & Total Health, Global SpaTinkle, Champak, Robin Age, Krishna Series, Indian War Comics, Birbal the Wise, Amar Chitra
Click the link here to check out the list of magazines across categories on their website


When it comes to Newspapers, like the magazines, the virtual store has heck a lot of prints and publications in the digital form. From top-notch to uncommon or pure regional newspapers, everything is accessible. Most regional languages comprise at least 4-5 newspapers of their own language.

Vernacular language magazines

In addition to the versatile categories of magazines, the platform also offers publications in 40+ international and national languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, English, Arab, Italian, Serbian, Russian, Turkish, Filipino, and many more. They seem to have covered the regions extensively.

Sorted Stories for those who don’t want to scroll through magazines

The curated stories are in the form of minute reads to ease the reading process. Most people prefer reading stories when they’re commuting or taking short breaks. As each story is tagged with the duration of reads, say, from 1 min to 10+ mins, the reader can pick from the collections and go ahead reading based on their choice of duration or sometimes, the category.

Subscription Options

Brand Vani Magzter Review
Image by Markus Winkler from Pixabay

There are 3 subscription options: Magzter Gold, Magzter Gold Lite and Magzter Gold Business. As the name suggests, the last one is meant for businesses who want to register and provide material to employees. Personally, for me the Magzter Gold works best. I will tell you why below.

Magzter Gold:

If you are someone who buys a lot of magazines for yourself and/or for your family members, you should go for this plan. It covers all the categories and gives access their entire magazines database.

This their flagship plan and has the most benefits and widest access for an annual subscription.

  • 5000+ magazines and newspapers
  • Premium stories
  • Canceling anytime
  • Downloading and reading offline
  • Family sharing (Optional)

For people like me who has a wide range of reading requirements, it suits me perfectly. I mean, one day I could be reading a business piece on Outlook Money, and another day, I would be flipping through a Natgeo mag. In fact, I might even be catching up on Tinkle at times when I feel like. So, if you really need a Netflix-like service, then go for this plan.

Magzter Gold Lite:

The Magzter Gold Lite is for members who are quite particular about which magazines you want to read. So, this plan limits the readership to any 5 magazines. Besides, this doesn’t have a family sharing scheme or premium stories.

Magzter Gold Business:

There is also Magzter Gold Business, which tailors the magazine and newspaper collections as per the business needs. Impressive, right?

4 Reasons why Subscribing to Magzter makes sense

#1 Crazily Cost-Effective

Compared to how much a family of 4 would spend on buying daily newspapers and monthly magazines that cater to their needs, the cost of subscribing to yearly Magzter Gold is undoubtedly incomparable and unbeatable.

For example:

  • Considering a 4 member family and normalizing monthly magazines costs around Rs 35, when buying at least 1 magazine for each of the family members, it would cost a minimum of Rs. 35*4*12 = Rs. 1,680 a year.
  • Plus, a daily newspaper would cost, on average, around Rs. 9*365 = Rs. 3,285 a year.

This totals to Rs. 1,680 + Rs. 3,285 = Rs. 4,965. Please note that this is the minimum that a family should spend on basic reads from a single newspaper and a monthly magazine.

Now, think of Magzter that does not only give access to one monthly magazine or daily newspaper but 5000+ magazines and newspapers that you can read all through the year uninterrupted at a much lower cost. You can check out their pricing on their site.

#2 Top-Rated Magazines in One Bucket

Brand Vani Magzter Review
Image by kconcha from Pixabay

Very recently, FeedSpot published a list of “Top 10 Indian Magazines & Publications To Follow in 2020.” Believe it or not, all the magazines on the list including, India Today, Filmfare, Business Today, VOGUE India, Outlook India, Frontline, Digit, ELE Times, GQ India, and Verve are accessible via Magzter. What a chance to read and follow the top-notch magazines of India by subscribing to one platform?

If you take the “Top 20 children’s magazines in India” list, a minimum of 10 magazines shall be found in the collections of Magzter. This list includes Champak, Sanctuary Cub, Tinkle, Kids Explore, NatGeo, Gokulam, BBC Knowledge, and OYLA.

Among the top #10 Amazon’s best-selling magazines list, mostly, on an average of 8 or 9 out of 10 are available with Magzter! Magazines that are selling best at Amazon currently, and are a part of Magzter include Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens, Family Handyman, Reader’s Digest, Southern Living, Martha Stewart Living, Eating Well, Bon Appetit, and Food & Wine.

When a bucket full of magazines is being offered, why would you or I choose to buy individual magazines and newspapers?

It is time for a change now! Let’s act wisely and choose the one and only Magzter and enjoy the benefits!

#3 Your Perfect Family Partner

Brand Vani Magzter Review
Photo by @thiszun (follow me on IG, FB) from Pexels

Each individual is unique and has his/her own interests. A person interested in fishing may not have the willingness to explore automotive. Likewise, a person interested in drama may not find politics interesting.

Taking the same example of a 4-member family,

  • A father and mother would want to read daily newspapers (English/Regional), investment/politics/health-related monthly magazines.
  • An elder child wants to go through Technology/Wedding/Photography magazines.
  • The younger child requires Gaming/Fun/Comics/Arts/Logical/Analytical/Science magazines.
  • Together all the elders would wish to read politics and current affairs.

Buying each of these magazines individually would cost them their entire life earnings, and thus Magzter comes to their rescue. It offers them what they actually want while also providing more than what is needed. From broad categories to specialized magazines, everything is available in their collections.

#4 Eco-friendly & Sustainable News Media

For decades, you and I have been buying print media viz. newspapers, and magazines. With the growing environmental concerns and the advent of e-paper and e-magazines, it is good to go with electronic media over conventional print media. Collectively, this can lead to no paper waste in the future and also refrain the deforestation activities.

Let’s begin to switch our preferences. Of course, leaving a sustainable world to our future generation is our utmost priority!

Smart Reading Zone: a Breakthrough

Apart from offering Magzter Gold and Magzter Gold Lite subscriptions to individuals and families, the company owns an ingenious line item called the “Smart Reading Zone.” As the name indicates, this option can be availed by any Corporate, Restaurants, Banks, Airports, Apartments, Gyms, Libraries, Salons, Hotels, Smart Cities, Clubs, Corporates, Retail stores, Educational Institutions, Malls, Hospitals, and similar organizations or entities.

The particular zone availing this subscription shall enable the beneficiaries (anyone present) to enjoy the features of Magzter Gold, and the access is restricted within the predefined zone or region.

  • Say, a corporate can avail this SRZ to help the employees, guests, and clients on the premises to access the thousands of magazines and newspapers.
  • Say, a hotel, can provide all its visitors a chance to read magazines and newspapers digitally by opting for this SRZ model.

Through the SRZ #GoGreen initiative, Magzter enables the beneficiaries to cherish numerous digital publications without even buying a single print media and avoids unwanted stacking up of prints inside the premises, which happened all these decades.

As an added feature, entities that choose SRC are given customizations in terms of branding, like placing their logo, welcome messages, organization name, and a lot more on the application.

Who would benefit most from Magzter?

  • Business executives: Who need to stay on top of the current ongoing circumstances around the world
  • Travelers: Got a long halt or a boring commute? Just download their app and read stuff which you like
  • Students: Scout for study materials and academic resources; quite a handful of reading material is available on Magzter
  • Hobbyists: If you have a hobby, you would probably like staying updated on whats going around that subject
  • Skilled professionals: Know trends and upcoming opportunities

Some additional features to like using Magzter

  • The platform offers new users a 7-day free trial to test and experience the digital reading with which the decision to subscribe can be made.
  • When flipping the pages of the digital publications, the user experience resembles the same way when we flip into physical prints.
  • The publications are easily shareable across email, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Hope this review helped you! For more information, you can always go to their site from here and read up.

Happy e-reading!

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