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When Deadpool and Wolverine get together for an ad, its bound to be interesting.

The glib Ryan Reynolds and the dashing Hugh Jackman have gotten on together to extend their friendly online rivalry, to promote each other’s brands. They have been at it for some time now, and if you follow their tweets, its rather hilarious.

Here are some of the funny exchanges in the past between them.

And then they turned this whole affair into a catchy marketing ploy for their brands, Aviation Gin and Laughing Man Coffee.

This is brilliant. People love these two characters and their fans on twitter and other social media have already been following their twitter battles for a while. Using this to further the promotional efforts for their brands was a stroke of genius.

So, Aviation Gin is a company Ryan Reynolds bought into last year. Apart from the recent efforts by Reynolds to promote the business, the brand’s other claim to fame is of being voted one of the best gins in the world by the Wine Enthusiast magazine about 6-7 years ago in 2012.

You might have seen Reynolds in an advert with Sir Richard Branson earlier. Witty as it was, the one with Hugh Jackman tops it. And its a win-win for both, as Aviation Gin and Hugh Jackman’s fair trade company Laughing Man Coffee get a great deal of exposure. Check out the ad here.

In the video Ryan actually makes a nice 30 odd seconds advert on Laughing man. Interestingly, I got to know a lot about Jackman’s company after watching this ad.

His company is more of a means for him to support coffee farmers than a profit making machinery. He donates all the profits from the company to the Laughing Man foundation that he set up.

The foundation has achieved quite a bit in a short while, which include sending kids to college, paying for irrigation systems and building homes. So, every time you buy their coffee, you would be paying for the actual coffee costs and donating a part to a good cause.

And this was the first time I heard about it, all because I could not avoid clicking on the video with these two of my favorite Marvel universe actors.

That’s how clever advertising works.

I knew Reynolds’s Aviation Gin is a good brand. But I also know now, that Wolverine is out there doing some good too with Laughing Man Coffee Company.

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