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Why I stopped using an iPhone and moved to OnePlus instead

Phones have become a critical part of our professional lives. I am not a techie, but every 2 years or so, I am pushed to conduct my own research for new phones, either to upgrade or to replace obsolete phones. Here’s my story of how I moved away from an iPhone to another brand.

iPhone: The corrosion of brand differentiation

I remember the days when I first heard of the iPhone. It was way back in 2007. Steve Jobs was back in business and his brainchild, the iPhone was making waves. It was not just a phone, it was a 3-in-1 super device (the iPod, a phone and an internet device). It was a revolutionary product. Everyone wanted it!

When Tim Cook took over as Apple CEO, his first move was to launch 5C. It was a big warning sign to many Apple users. The multi-colored, “less-expensive”, more “fun” version named 5C, with no improvement over the 5S, was a step-down for the brand. For many, it meant downgrading of the iPhone class. There was nothing to write back home about. The differentiation was getting corroded.

An executive like me looks for simple things in a phone. It is an absolute necessity at work: e-mail functionality, phone calls, apps, chats, and a battery to last through all of these activities. So, unless you give me cutting edge, out of the world, new features, why would I spend extravagantly on an iPhone? Can’t I get a new android phone with better functionality instead?

Enter OnePlus: The near perfect Smart phone

When I first heard of the OnePlus, it was in a lunch room conversation about trying to get “One-Plus-One invites”. It piqued my curiosity since I did need a phone. After a bit of research, I decided it would be my next phone.

Although I couldn’t get an invite for myself initially, when Amazon became a seller for OnePlus phones in 2016, I didn’t delay much longer and bought myself a OnePlus 3T immediately.

Why OnePlus is a perfect match for a working professional

Like I said before, I have simple requirements from the phone. OnePlus meets all my needs. If you spend half the day working through your phone, then the list below will make perfect sense for you.

A fast phone that helps you work smoothly

If you are a working professional like me, you would need phones that are fast and smooth. You don’t want your phone to hang while working on some heavy app, would you?

With 6 GB RAM (8 GB on the new OnePlus 6), OnePlus promises to always be fast, no matter how heavy the app. No other phone offers such good memory. My OnePlus 3T has rarely given me a hung screen in the last 2 years.

‘Coz you need to be charged up all the time

We move around all day, making phone calls, checking emails, making online bookings, chatting and browsing social media. We are battery vampires that suck the power dry. OnePlus offered a perfect solution to me: a great battery and the super-awesome dash charge.

Dash charge bowled me over. I could just charge the phone for half an hour in the morning while I get ready for office. It would get me 65%+ battery charge. For me, that was a killer advantage. At work, I am always on the move, and don’t get much time to charge phones often. That 30 min window is a great breather.

I could just charge it again for another 20 min post lunch to get back to full power if needed. Peace of mind.

Use Dual Sim to deal with network issues

Network connectivity is a common problem in countries like India (and Nigeria, where I currently work). Many people carry 2 phones with 2 different networks to deal with this. I find this cumbersome. Dual sim phones are so much more convenient. I think OnePlus team understands this need. Whether they do or not, this feature is extremely important and the sooner all phone makers understand this, the better for them. My version of the phone has slots for 2 nano-sims.

Perfect pricing

OnePlus prices are just perfect. Premium enough to accommodate high quality, and not exorbitantly priced like the Samsung’s and the iPhones. I am willing to pay the money for the value that they are offering. Its a classy phone for the price they offer.


So, I ditched the overpriced iPhone, ignored all the Samsung’s and the Motorolas and went for the awesome OnePlus back in 2016. I have never looked back since.

True to their tagline, “Never Settle”, the makers of this phone upgrade their phones very frequently. Every year there are newer versions. And every time I see their newer versions, I am tempted to go for it. But the one I have is working like a charm. It has been 2 years, but it still feels so new. The phone is that good!

PS: The latest release has been the OnePlus 6. It also has a limited Avengers edition. Like the movie Infinity wars, this phone was the most awaited phone of this year. The reviews after launch speak volumes of why this phone would give the competition a run for their money (again). Check out the new OnePlus 6 on Amazon.

OnePlus 6: Avengers Infinity Wars Edition

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