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10 Brands with catchy content during COVID19

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While every brand is working on a new marketing strategy to attract its audience during the lockdown, content from some of the popular brands stood out from the rest and left us awe-struck. These are the 10 most interesting brand campaigns which we loved and caught our attention more than the rest. Our way of life may have changed, but that doesn’t stop these brilliant brands from maximizing their full potential when it comes to online promotional activities.

Read on to see the results of both planning and execution.

1.WWF’s Brand Campaign

The World Wide Fund for nature’s recent campaign, in collaboration with McCann Worldgroup, brilliantly showed how the animals are free during the pandemic whereas mankind is trapped in their homes. The video shows the humans looking down below from their rooftops as the animals run around, not bound by any restrictions during the lockdown. This shows how human interference restrains nature, and now that humans are locked indoors, animals and birds have been able to come out and enjoy their freedom. Near the end of the video, WWF asks for a world where both humans and animals can be free at the same time. WWF has always promoted sustainability and encouraged people to develop a sense of harmony with nature and this campaign will help it to achieve this goal.

2. Maggi’s Social Media Post

The fear of being infected with the novel coronavirus has led to people becoming more apprehensive of allowing people who are not immediate family members inside their homes. Home has become a place where people feel secure from the coronavirus and are beginning to treat any outsiders as a threat to this security. Maggi added some humor to the current situation by uploading a social media post with the words, “Allow MAGGI Fusian to bring Taste of Asia home?”

While the coronavirus scenario is quite serious, this campaign knew the exact point where the line needed to be drawn between being inconsiderate and instilling too much fear in the minds of its target audience. It is an example of cleverly deployed light-hearted humor which is used to divert people’s minds from the fear of the future.

3. Pamper’s Campaign

At a time when newborns and children under the age of 10 are at the greatest risk of being infected with the novel coronavirus, Pampers has launched a new video in which it talks about the positive side of being born at such a time. A mother is seen welcoming her newborn baby into the world and talks about how people in the world are staying afar from each other, yet they are still trying to connect with each other. The heart-warming campaign is a break from the campaigns that only talk about how deadly the novel coronavirus is and how one can take the precautions required to protect themselves from it.

Popular news channels only talk about the dangers to little children from the virus and create further panic about the scenario. This video would be able to make the parents of little children and newborns a little more optimistic about the world in which their children are living in.

4. Nickelodeon India’s Brand Campaign

Nickelodeon India’s brand campaign launched a video in which various cartoon characters were shown to show how people were helping each other out during the coronavirus outbreak. It shows how people living with doctors in their neighborhood are giving away grocery items to them and thanking them for their efforts during the pandemic. After watching this video, children will be able to be more empathetic and develop a sense of gratitude for the people who are keeping them safe during this difficult time.

The campaign was also an effort to make people a little more optimistic during difficult times.

5. Campaign Launched by Kellogg’s India

Screen-grab from Kellogg’s instagram page.

Kellogg’s India recently launched a campaign in which it showed the various foods and beverages that the target customers can make for themselves using the products of Kellogg’s. A new food item/beverage was posted on the official Instagram account of the company during the first 21 days of the nation-wide lockdown. This was surely a great way for Kellogg’s to effectively engage with their target audience by keeping their creative juices flowing by trying out new recipes!

Kellogg’s focused on recipes to ensure that people have a good breakfast, which is considered the most important meal of the day.

Head to the official Instagram page of Kellogg’s if you want to experiment with something new. You’ll always remember the days of experimenting with the food ingredients which are available with you after the lockdown ends!

6. Tata’s Brand Campaign

“Stay Safe behind the #DoorsOfIndia” is a campaign that motivates people to continue fighting against the pandemic without giving up.

Tata Pravesh’s brand campaign showed the doors of many Indian households. Through the campaign, Tata wanted to send across the message that people are the safest within their homes. Tata wanted to show how the coronavirus could be “shut out” through the video. Moreover, the video showed the gates and the doors of houses with varying shapes and sizes to bring out the concept of how every household is unique. The campaign has been planned and executed in a manner that shows how everyone is fighting towards the same cause of social distancing in the same manner and one can get a feeling of unity after watching the video.

7. Mahindra Automotive’s ” Mask OK Please”

Image by ajkuiper89 from Pixabay

Trucks on Indian highways have a peculiar style of displaying messages colourfully on the back. One of the many popular messages they have is “Horn Ok Please” written on the back side. This is usually written to request the cars behind the trucks to blow horns before overtaking them.

Mahindra Automotive changed the traditional “Horn Ok Please” which is usually written at the back of trucks to “Mask Ok Please.” This is another creative campaign in which the message to follow proper social distancing has been conveyed in an entertaining manner. It is an interesting way of capturing people’s attention with something they can relate to.

8. Amul’s Ratnagiri Kulfi Campaign

Amul’s campaign emphasized on how people could share Amul treats while doing something as simple as standing with each other on balconies. During the lockdown, many people are trying to get some sunshine by staying in their balconies. Amul’s innovative campaign was made after keeping in mind the current environment of the country.

9. Society Tea’s Campaign

I’m sure that all of us are obsessed with a beverage. Society Tea took advantage of the obsession that many people have with their favorite beverage- tea! Tea has become something that most of us drink as a part of our daily routines.

During the lockdown, Society Tea’s campaign revolved around the memories that people made while conversing with each other over a cup of tea. This #StayAtHome campaign helped the brand to develop an emotional connection with its customers. The video was made in black and white to show how the memories with tea are a part of one’s past. The video was made in the style of a photo essay, with photographs of people drinking tea at different locations. Until the time when people can finally have tea with each other in person, they can at least look back on the good old days when people could not have thought that a pandemic would bring about a huge change in the tea-drinking culture.

10. Asian Paints

Asian Paints launched a campaign in which the fear in the minds of painters and their families has been shown. Many people cannot work from home and painters are also a part of this category. The first few minutes of the video show how an employee is concerned with his safety and talks about how he is protecting himself by using necessary items like sanitizers and masks. However, Asian Paints used this campaign to show how the employees of Asian Paints were taking precautions to protect the customers who they worked for. The campaign will help in building the trust of the customers of Asian Paints, who are re-evaluating their decision on whether to allow painters in their houses during the pandemic.

What are the common things amongst these brand campaigns?

-Focused on the optimistic side of the lockdown

-Sent a clear message across to their audience, which was not directly related to their products/services

Everyone can make a video or a social media post, but it takes a high level of creativity to make sure that a brand’s campaigns are not just seen like the many other campaigns which have been launched in recent times. Instead, campaigns must be noticed. A successful campaign is one that does not follow what the other brands are doing and tries to be unique. In your opinion, which campaigns out of these ten campaigns managed to connect with its target audience the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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