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Bud Light hit them below the belt, but Miller Lite and Coors Light know how to hit back.

With what Bud Light did at Superbowl, it was only a question of when the competition would hit back.

I am referring to the spat between Bud Light and Coors Light/Miller Lite due to this ad during Superbowl.

Superbowl ad by Bud Light taking a dig at Miller Lite and Coors Light

The ad was indeed quite funny and was highlighted in many places (including my blog here). But it tried to mock the competition for using Corn Syrup, and that kicked up a storm (#corntroversy).

Miller Lite was quick to get back at Bud Light the very next day with a full page advert in the New York Times.

Miller Lite’s full page advert on The New York Times

Full marks to Miller Lite for the promptness of its response. They hit the nail on the head by bringing out “Facts” against the “concept of Corn Syrup usage” by Bud Light and claiming that their taste is still better, with less calories and carbs. One expects nothing less than this from good marketing teams.

Coors Light, meanwhile took its time. But I think they captured the pulse even better and hit back even harder.

The taunt by Bud Light at the competition for using corn syrup kicked up some controversy with corn farmers protesting the insensitivity of the brand to put them in bad light.

So, Coors Light decided to arm themselves with this sentiment. They brought out an emotional campaign #ToasttoFarmers. And it really seems to be gaining ground.

And they are going all guns blazing here.

And endorsements that matter!

Well, they have the thousands of farmers rooting for them now and they are getting all the free publicity they need.

Good stuff, eh? For now, I believe Coors Light has the upper hand in this small battle.

It makes me wonder, why do brands try to ambush others without any reason. Doesn’t really end well for most. It seems clever at first, but it could always fall flat on your face.

I don’t know how Bud Light intends to respond to this. But I can imagine their camp huddled together right now, chalking out possibilities.

Whatever anyone does, we will be watching them closely and documenting them!

Please do feel free to leave your comments below!

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