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Valentine’s Day Ads 2019: Lets see which ones are worth the love!

Celebrations are a part of our lives. We look forward to them and cherish the memories associated to them. Historically, brands have tried to latch on to these occasions and leveraged on their preciousness.

Today is one such day. Most brands try to make themselves relevant, but some brands are a perfect fit for today.

Lets check them out.

Platinum Days of Love (#EqualsInLove)

This ad topped my list today. The product is completely relevant and the message in the ad is really strong.

It shows a couple struggling with a dilemma, and then they decide to share the burden since they are equals in love. Its about time people are mature enough to understand this.

And then they go on to share their Platinum rings. Perfect for a Valentine’s day gift.

Great thinking by the team.

Platinum days of love

Candere by Kalyan Jewellers:

This one is another beauty of an ad by Kalyan Jewellers. It talks about creating memories for loved ones. Executed in a simple setting, it delivers a powerful message.

I find it really impressive when ad makers create magical moments out of the daily chores and routines of us normal people.

Big Basket: Celebrate with Lindberg Chocolates (#OneForLove)

First glance, I felt this would be another epic fail. But one shouldn’t judge the book by its cover.

This ad offers 2 minutes of mush. Not bad for promoting a brand which probably gives Big basket a small fraction of their sales.

Tata Nexon: The clever fit! (#safetyfirst)

This is clever advertising. It could have gone anywhere along the lines of the clichéd ads: mushy couple with their car, in love, going for a drive, etc.

But this car ad rides on the engine of taking precautions and draws a parallel with subtle hints of love-making with protection and driving a car safely.

To be honest, wasn’t expecting this. Good stuff.

KitKat (#valentinesday)

KitKat planned out this ad really well. The humour planted through the typical Indian mindset portrayed through the “mmm-hmmmmm” sounds acts as a superb mnemonic for any viewer. And its so usual for us Indians that we can’t miss it or forget this kind of thing.

The ad talks about how we jump to conclusions about people and their relationships, when things might actually be so much simpler.

Brilliant advertising! We look for such things all the time in our line of work.

Zomato: Long and winding road, NOT leading to Zomato

The concept of having a guy who couldn’t talk, expressing his love through good food could have worked. I mean, first minute, I was glued, eager to know where it went.

But the second half was predictable and Zomato was such a forcefully fitted brand here. Pretty memorable ad, but I doubt it would remind me of anything good about Zomato.

Borosil: Great message, Wrong brand

Borosil tried its best to come up with some good stuff, but missed by a huge margin. I like their effort to pass a decent social message about same-sex relationships. But I think the message is grossly misplaced.

I would love to argue with anyone who sees logic in this ad and defends Borosil’s position. Although I won’t be harsh with you coz I have a soft corner for social messages.

KFC, aren’t you too desperate?

In what seems to be a desperate attempt to become relevant on Valentine’s day, KFC just launched its #KFCbucketbae campaign.

And it doesn’t work on me. I don’t think this kind of advertising works on people.

I believe not all brands fit into the Valentine’s day characteristics and if you do not manage to get the right creatives ready, then should not force yourself into the day. Its just bad advertising then.

Feel free to drop your comments in the section below.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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