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John Jacobs: The break up challenge, a Superb Activation for an Excellent product

The last post I wrote was about inducing trials: how sampling is the best way to get more people to try your product. Coincidentally, I just came across an activity by John Jacobs Eyewear brand, shared by a friend on LinkedIn. Its a brilliant activity that left me cheering for the brand, although I had never heard of it before.

I just couldn’t wait to bring this example to my blog  as a follow up to my previous post, because I believe nothing works better than the excellence of the product itself. Coupled with sampling, I am pretty sure that this activity would help convert many customers. And given that it is scaled up to the right proportion, and provided they stand true to their claims, this would have long term positive impact on the brand equity.

If you have not seen it before, then check it out in the video below.

In their activation named “Break up Challenge”, John Jacobs invited users to try smashing their spectacle frames. Users really try their best to break it by sitting on it, or stomping on it, hurling it to the floor, and nothing works. The frames are so durable that the marketers have the courage to go to extreme lengths to stand on their claims. This is so crucial in sales.

Often, sales persons are given scripts about product features and unique selling points, to be able to convince their customers. Sales persons need to have ample confidence in the product themselves to be able to withstand the onslaught of questions or stark skepticism from customers. But for this John Jacobs product, I doubt any sales person would ever tolerate anyone having any doubts. The demonstration would wash away all naysayers. It is very convincing.

So, in this short post, I want to put these 2 things together and present an infallible method to make a product successful.

  1. Produce a great product, the excellence of which every stakeholder, brand representative could swear by. The best marketers are those who work in the company and believe in their products. And word of mouth is one of the most cost-effective tool to increase awareness about a brand and its equity.
  2. Sample the product, demonstrate the product, as much as possible. There is nothing like giving the product experience first hand to potential customers. And once these potential customers are converted, they will go the extra mile convincing others to become brand loyal too.

Whoever the brand manager is for John Jacobs, I would say the person did a great job building this up. The post-activation video could have been more impressive, but overall, a big “Thumbs up” to this brand activity. I will keep an eye out for more such examples of activities to bring to this blog.

Disclaimer from my end: I have not used their products, but this post is just about the marketing activity they did and the impression it gave to me. But you can check out their other products here on Amazon.  

Until, the next blog post, adios!

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