A landing page is the first page a person gets to view when clicks the URL to the web page. It literally means, where you land when you jump into the website.

The landing page is very crucial for avoiding high bounce rates. After all, for many people, the first impression is usually the last.

Here are a few pointers about what a landing page should be like:

  1. Landing page must contain relevant information that is likely to interest most people who would be visiting the page. The purpose of the website must be very clearly evident from the landing page.
  2. It should not be cluttered with too much information. It is like your elevator pitch. Make it count.
  3. The landing page should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. One can use a lot of creativity in designs to gain the attention of the visitor
  4. It should have a strong call to action. This call to action can be anything that makes the visitor interested in clicking further into the website.
  5. The page must be easy and quick to load. Do not put up too many heavy images or widgets to bulk up the page. Many people, especially in countries with slow internet, do not go beyond the first few seconds on any page if it shows signs of being slow to load.

Contests, coupons and website visits are also some examples of the landing pages.  It has no top bar navigation links. In online marketing a landing page is also known as ‘lead capture page’, ‘static page’, or a ‘destination page.’