Consumers can be defined as the end users in the distribution channel of goods and services. The consumer might not necessarily be the buyer of the goods or service.

For instance, children are the ultimate users of diapers, but they are purchased by their parents. Thus, in the market for diapers, the buyer and consumer are not the same. Similarly, mothers might buy products like Maggi Noodles, but the end consumer might be their children.

Identifying consumers is critical in the communication strategy of any brand, because one needs to understand how the consumers behave, their preferences, and other characteristics which define them. And then, the brand has to come up with the right positioning, and communication in the advertisements, addressing the consumer and make the product appealing to them.

Secondly, from a sales point of view, when a brand identifies consumers clearly, the strategy becomes clear as to how they would be able reach them through the apt sales channels at the earliest. This is essential in reaching the bull’s eye target segment who are likely to be the early adopters.