Below-the-line advertising is a collective term for advertising tools through which products are promoted in media other than conventional means such as radio or television.

BTL is characterized by a very focused and local form of activities. BTL strategies are formulated keeping the local terrain in mind and customized to reach target consumers directly.

The major advantage of below-the-line advertising methods over other methods is that they are closer to the consumers and the likelihood of reaching the right consumers is higher, instead of reaching to the masses in ATL.

But then it has a higher per contact cost than ATL, so many people term BTL as more expensive, although it can also be said to be more effective in conversion to sales.

Typical mediums of BTL marketing include:

  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Brand Activation
  • In Store Branding
  • Sampling

For instance, a below-the-line campaign might focus on a mall demonstration of your product that consumers wish to investigate in person rather than promoting your product through advertisements during matches.  This provides a more personalized experience, where the consumer directly experiences the product.