The attempt to influence the buying behavior of prospective customers through a persuasive communication about the products and/or services is referred to as Advertising.

The ultimate goal of advertising is to attract customers by first defining the target market and then reaching out to them through an effective advertisement campaign.

Advertising can be classified into five ways based upon the mediums used:

  • Broadcast Advertising:¬† Through Television and Radio
  • Print Advertising: Through¬†Newspaper, Magazines, Brochure etc.
  • Outdoor Advertising: Through¬†Hoardings, Banners, Flags, Wraps, etc.
  • Digital Advertising:¬†Advertisements displayed over the internet
  • Product/Brand Integration:¬†Product placements in entertainment media like Television shows or YouTube videos

The aim of advertising is to inform, persuade and remind the consumers about the availability of a product or a service in the market and to convince them to buy the product.