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how to debug function of ndk sample code of a device

I am very new to NDK, I wanna debug the code of a device.
ex: a mobile phone’s camera, I want to see the code of that function.
My Questions are

Can we use the c++ debugger to see the code?
If not what is other way to debug?


I just installed vs2017 and enabled the vs 2017 extension for android NDK, follow steps below:

From the windows menu, select VS 2017 -> VS Installer. Click on the + to
create a new installation, then give the name “vs2017-androidndk-
extensions”. Check all other boxes except “Change default location of
files”. Click on the Finish button and this will install the Android
NDK extension.

To run your application you need to select the Android Debug view from
the bottom of the left frame or in the terminal you need to type
“adb.exe attach” or “adb.exe devices”.

For more information:

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