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– Arnold Classic 2016 Mens Posing Procedure Comparison.n Arnold Classic 2016 Mens Posing Procedure.
Participation in posing competitions is an occasion for something unusual. In years past, almost everyone was successful, so now, just a month before the World Posing Championships, we are starting to broadcast the singles competition for the title of the best posing person on the planet.
This is not an easy art form, but, as a rule, it is on posing that the most professional posing skills are tested.
This year, due to technical reasons, we decided not to hold competitions, limiting the number of participants to 3 of the most successful posers in the world. Therefore, as a choice of judges, we settled on the famous backstage of the Style Media Dance school. Viewers would be interested to see how stylists work, how they build the image and what helps them achieve amazing results. In two days, a real sensation will occur from the stage!
Please share! It is interesting to know what the participants think and what the judges think.
Want to see new members? It’s possible.
Here they are, the best of the best! We hope you all agree that we have selected the best of the best. And, of course, you need to support our team by voting for it on our website:
You can vote for coaches and judges here.
Bonus: the story of today’s posing contest!
Comments on the situation and thoughts on this subject from someone who did not remain indifferent to what is happening:
ArnoldClassic 201612:00 Evening compliment? Worth a look?
Bomie2013: Too bad they don’t accept. Simple, but tasteful.
Golgous2014: Great, it was very interesting)
GuamGoFW2016: Why should I watch?
This is GIANT2015: Great contest. It’s amazing how smart and talented people are.
BillFan2016: It’s unbelievable how capable people are.
Zest434203: Give each coach a sparring match!
Levant2014: My dream is to enter this competition. At one time I was in this category, only positive impressions remained in my memory. Like everything ingenious, it is simple to the point of genius.
Ninja2017: I will see how my favorite trainers cope with this task!
Customs2016: Shooting



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