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With this application you can easily create 3D RB photos from 3Ds Max scene, Maya, Autocad, Blender or another 3D modelling software.
Using this tool you can easily create a 3D like image using a picture from your files.
You can rotate, translate and study 3Ds Max exported objects in red-blue virtual reality(use red-blue glasses).







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[Download] Button – downloads the specified file.
[Download Archive] Button – downloads and unarchives the specified file and save it on the hard drive.
[Send to Remote Machine] Button – sends the specified file to a remote machine.
[Delete File] Button – deletes the specified file.
[Remote Machine] Browser – shows the configured users on the remote machine.
[Paste] – pastes the text or file that was selected in the explorer window.
[Copy] – copies the text or file that was selected in the explorer window.
[Reset] – restores the Windows Registry.
[Copy2] – copies the text or file that was selected in the explorer window.
[Open File] – opens the text or file that was selected in the explorer window.
[Open Folder] – opens the text or file that was selected in the explorer window.
[New] – creates a new file or folder with the specified name.
[Rename] – renames the specified file or folder.
[Save File] – saves the specified file or folder to the hard drive.
[Save File Archive] – saves the specified file or folder to a compressed archive file.
[Delete Archive] – deletes the specified file or folder from a compressed archive file.
[Send Folder] – sends the specified folder to a remote machine.
[Delete Folder] – deletes the specified folder.
[Configure Remote Machine] – shows the configuration of the remote machine.
[About] – shows the information about the application.
[Exit] – closes the application window.
Free Host Watch List is a utility that allows users to monitor bandwidth on the Internet. The program is both a simple and a reliable bandwidth monitor, offering great assistance to both power users and beginners.
Being a simple application, Free Host Watch List is a piece of software that can be implemented in just about any environment. It may be configured to run automatically on the server and will monitor the network traffic through the system.
Once the program is launched, users will be presented with a screen showing the status of the traffic. The program is able to monitor bandwidth on more than one network and show real time and cumulative statistics of the user’s traffic.
Additionally, the user can check status on up to seven domains, compare three different servers and access a vast list of popular websites. The program also provides a host address book, which can be included in the scope of monitoring,

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sbl-16 is a free benchmarking tool that allow you to compare the performance of your CPU with the performance of your CPU, thereby allowing you to determine if you need to upgrade your CPU. sbl-16 simulates the CPU-intensive activities that occur in everyday computing so that you can determine the ideal CPU for your specific needs.
The interface is fairly intuitive. The left-hand side is the very basics of the benchmark; the middle is a list of CPU tests for you to choose from, and the right-hand side is a list of the CPU tests you’ve chosen to run, with a choice of results.
Choose between five different types of benchmarks, each of which evaluates a different aspect of your CPU: games, 3D graphics, CPU intensive tasks, file handling and real time audio. Choose one, three or all five types of benchmarks and results will be returned to you.
The built-in results aren’t exactly meaningful. Without proper calibration, you probably won’t get an accurate representation of how your CPU performs; you need to adjust the parameters of the tests before you take their results for any accurate conclusions.
sbl-16’s website lists the parameters you can adjust, although the developer’s instructions were very sketchy. A link to the manual is provided, but it never worked.
The benchmark runs quickly. However, since it’s not actively calculating the performance of your CPU, you’d need some way to stop the benchmark once your CPU has reached a certain level of performance. Whether your benchmark results are exact depends entirely on how much time you take to run sbl-16.
In all, sbl-16 is a useful tool, even if it’s a little too new for its own name to say so.
Advansys V-TEST is an excellent tool for performance testing and benchmarking hard drives. The software is capable of testing both hardware drives and solid state drives.
The software allows you to perform benchmarks against other hardware components as well; so you can test the read/write speed of a hard drive against other hard drives or multiple processors. You can even test the stability of your data by running through a variety of corruption routines.
One of the things that makes Advansys V-TEST stand out from its competition is its support of a variety of different testing methods. It can both test the performance of different hardware components and software applications individually. It also offers tests of multiple components together.
Advansys also offers a very flexible,

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The following functions can be directly performed from the application interface:
■ The local machine is shown as being named a ‘%LocalUser%’ rather than being referred to by its real name of ‘%User%’. This is due to the fact that the installer needs to change the location of the default Internet Explorer applications folder in order to install IE into a restricted user space, and as such, it needs to replace the real name of that folder with the name ‘%LocalUser%’.
■ The application puts itself into the application directory listed as ‘%ProgramFiles%\%LocalUser%’.
The following functions cannot be performed from the application interface:
■ The application requires all files to be installed in the following folders:
■ Windows\system32\DRIVERS
■ Windows\system32\GLOBALDRIVERS
■ Windows\system32\CONFIGDIR\
■ Windows\system32\SYSLIBDIR
■ Windows\system32\USERS
■ Windows\system32\LOCALDRIVEPATH\
■ Windows\system32\CLASSDOMAIN\
■ Windows\system32\PRODUCTNAME\
■ Windows\system32\LOCALTEMP\
■ Windows\system32\LOCALAPPDATA\
■ Windows\system32\FAVORITES\
■ Windows\system32\COMMONPROGRAMS\
■ Windows\system32\COMMONPROGRAMSLIB\
■ Windows\system32\REPARSEPOINT\
■ Windows\system32\CONTROLSET001\
■ Windows\system32\CONTROLSET002\
■ Windows\system32\CONTROLSET003\
■ Windows\system32\CONTROLSET004\
■ Windows\system32\CONTROLSET005\
■ Windows\system32\PROGRESS\
■ Windows\system32\BIN\
■ Windows\system32\HHC\
■ Windows\system32\HELP\
■ Windows\system32\SPECIALDRIVES\
■ Windows\system32\PRODUCTNAME\ETC\
If you need

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JPNMAN is a free Simple Japanese/English phrasebook which is designed as a training tool to help those who are learning Japanese. It provides a combination of user friendly and intuitive interface to help you quickly learn thousands of new phrases and words in no time at all. Furthermore, it supports voice input, provides a complete list of contents of all chapters and allows you to import phrases from Microsoft Excel or JPG image files. It also allows to freely switch between simplified and traditional (with Hiragana and Katakana) input modes.
Getting started
JPNMAN is designed to be a training tool for those who are learning Japanese. It allows you to navigate through the entire Content List by TaroSoft to quickly learn the words and phrases.
After a quick setup, you can open a newly created document by double clicking on it, and it would be loaded into the document. With that, you can easily input new words and phrases using the buttons provided next to each word. You can also search in-built dictionary to quickly look up similar words.
Configuring JPNMAN
You can configure three different input methods as well as the dictionary page order.
You can choose between traditional Japanese keyboard (with Hiragana) or simplified Japanese keyboard (with Katakana). It also allows you to configure your preferred keyboard mode.
Default input mode (letter):
You can choose to input words using your default English alphabet instead of the Katakana letters.
Preferred input mode:
Let you input Japanese words into the document using either traditional or simplified Hiragana / Katakana instead of English alphabet.
Preferred order:
Let you set the preferred dictionary page number (Japanese only). You may choose between the two primary dictionary pages (0 and 1).
Popup dictionary:
You can set the Dictionary popup window to appear on the bottom-left or bottom-right of the window.
Content List:
You can scroll through all the chapters using the Tab key or the Page Up and Page Down keys. You can also use the content list view to quickly focus on a particular chapter by selecting its chapter button (or by selecting its content list entry). For convenience, you can save the default view as a template to make it easier to navigate the chapters.
Voice input:
You can enable or disable the voice input mode, as well as select the voice input sound for the input mode. You can also

System Requirements For Keys:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GT620M (256 MB) or AMD Radeon HD 7950M (256 MB)
Hard Drive: 25 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible (minimum 3 MB RAM)
Additional Notes:
Visual effects are needed for use with this program.
The bar is designed to allow for the creation of a default box shape by replacing the first tab with a Texture

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