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Card Dump Crack+ Keygen Full Version [Latest-2022]

This application reads the magnetic stripe of a card and saves it as a binary file, so that you can edit it and make additional improvements.
Cracked Card Dump With Keygen uses Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition IDE. In the IDE, the application uses the following libraries:

Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects X.X.X

* Reads the magnetic stripe of a card and saves it to a binary file.
* Support common card types including:Visa,Visa Electron,MasterCard,Amex,Diners Club,Discover,JCB,American Express,Joint Chip, and I-Banking
* Support 51 American Express cards
* Bypasses 3D Security on MasterCard and Amex cards
* Reads 9, 12 or 16 digit PIN
* Run on Windows
* Reads card segments with or without a swipe
* Offers pop-up window which can be used to edit the saved card
* NOTE: The pop-up window must be opened after card reading in order to edit the card.
* The card reading procedure requires as little as 200 milliseconds
* The application can be configured to read cards with any desired clock rate (as low as 7 card clock rates)
* Card reading is executed in a batch mode. If no changes are made to the current file, the previous reading of the card is not overwritten
* You can edit and save the saved card
* You can delete the saved card
* You can export the file as XML
* You can import XML
* You can export the file as XML
* You can import XML
* You can export the file as CSV
* You can import CSV
* The reading procedure is automatic. You can set how many times the reading is executed in a batch mode
* You can start reading a card only if it is not currently reading
* You can delete and read again a card while it is reading
* You can read an APOLLO P-MSR200 card reader
* You can use the ‘Save as’ button to save the files in the local disk

XML Editor – Although the application is designed to read data from the card, it can be used for other purposes. For example, you can edit the cards in the XML format using the editing window.
To open the XML editor,

Card Dump With Full Keygen

A simple C#.NET application that will read a card, create a text file, and append what is read on the card. Card Dump displays the following card data in the file:

Card Identifier
Account Number
Expiry Date
CVC Number
Checked Value

Card Dump
Serial Number: 911-999
Account Number: 25
Expiry Date: 10/01/2018
CVC Number: 728
Checked Value: 1030.0

You can configure the amount of cards that Card Dump will read from the card and how many characters per line that the text file will contain
But reading a card when I dial *2# on a serial reader then it read out (md5 hex)


You cannot use *2# with a smart card reader. You should have a look at the PCSC API. For example, the PCSC DLL used by the Network Card Manager shows you how to use the API.
Alternately, you could use the RFID API in EASYCTRADE ( This API allows you to read a chip in a way that would allow you to identify the type of chip in use. For example, you could read a smart card, read a wireless access token or even read a magnetic stripe.
The way to read a card using the RFID API is to use the documentation in each SDK to tell you what command(s) to send and to what protocol address to send it. For example, the API documentation for NFC Reader SDK tells you how to send a SW1 command. For the smart card reader API documentation, you would use a command such as “PIB_COMMAND” instead of SW1. The protocol address for the card reader would be set to “0x1E” whereas for the smart card reader it would be set to “0x1F”.

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Card Dump

Card Dump scans CNR39 and CNR67 series readers (like the APOLLO P-MSR200) to read the Magnetic stripe data on cards, output these data to textfile in.txt format. Card dump supports the following format:

Format #1: Title, Type, Record, OneRecord, Card Type, Readers, Stripe Info, Date, File, Comments, Total Reading
Format #2: Title, Type, SubType, NumOfRecs, NumOfRecord1s, NumOfRecord2s, CardType, Readers, Stripe Info, Date, File, Comments, Total Reading
Format #3: Title, Type, Record1, Record2, Record3, CardType, Readers, Stripe Info, Date, File, Comments, Total Reading
The program to dump reader reader card data in 2 formats, you can select between Format #1, Format #2 and Format #3.

The Title in the format is not a problem, and this is always filled.
However the second string:
Type – is filled with many numbers and letters, they might look strange
SubType – no problem, is just an identifier of the data type
NumOfRecs, NumOfRecord1s, NumOfRecord2s, CardType, Readers, Stripe Info, Date, File, Comments, Total Reading

Every item here is some kind of a number, except the type ID, Reader ID, Stripe ID, Card Type, Date, File, Comments, and Total Reading
Title – can be empty

You can find the possible types and number values for these strings on documentation:

The card type is always N2, with the exception of N13. (Ex. Signature).
This is the order of the fields in the output and the general order in the fields themselves.
1. Title
2. Type
3. Subtype
4. NumOfRecs
5. NumOfRecord1s
6. NumOfRecord2s
7. CardType
8. Readers
9. Stripe Info
10. Date
11. File
13. Total Reading (Double)
14. Total Reading (Last reading)

Reader Type – No Problem, This is just an ID to name the reader it is connected to

What’s New In?

This program uses the.NET Compact Framework 2.0 and works on the Windows Mobile OS.
It is designed to be run from.NET Compact Framework applications, and it has no support for Windows Scripting Host (WSH) or other ActiveX control. It should not be run from a universal app.
Card Dump is not supported by any Microsoft products.
Before you start using this program, you should know that doing so is a violation of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and the United Nations Protocol on Prohibited Measures. Violation of IHL and the United Nations Protocol on Prohibited Measures may lead to sanctions.
A card reader just records the value of the card. It does not change anything on the card and it has no possibility to create any “network”.
This program reads the value of the magnetic strip in ISO 8317 format.
You can get the card data from a magnetic stripe in numbers, alphanumerical characters, or pictures. Card data is encoded into the default card format and you can configure this format at any time.
For each card, it prints the card information in output window. If you have any problem with the reader, the program can be configured to show you any error in the output. The error details are specified when you configure the card data.
You need one or more magnetic stripe cards to use this program.
You need at least.NET Compact Framework 2.0 or later.
The card data is read from the card by the.NET Compact Framework.
You need an external print driver in order to print the card data.
You need to have an account with an APOLLO P-MSR200. To learn more about the readers, go to
Known limitations:
The following limitations are known for the reader:
The number of cards (cards per pocket), is limited to 11.
Three pockets may be created.
The cards may have a different length.
You cannot print labels.
Signed on 16/03/2007, 2.0
Card Dump Contact:
Angelo Ataladri
Angelo.Ataladri at is the home of the APOLLO technology. You can find more information on the readers and writer devices at

The same

The digits on the first line display

System Requirements:

128 MB available RAM
Video Card: NVidia GeForce GTS 450 or Radeon HD 3870. AMD Radeon HD 5850 minimum supported.
DirectX 11
7 GB available hard drive space
Windows 8
There are instructions for Windows 8 users in the README.txt.
For Windows 7:
Follow instructions in README.txt
Mac OS X:
For Mac OS X, install with Wine, available for download here:
Mac OS X 10.8 or higher

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