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WhoisCL Crack + X64 [March-2022]

• Allows you to get an unlimited number of domain’s registrant and admin information in an easy to use format.
• Command line tool that can be used on a wide variety of computers and operating systems.
• Whois server information is,.net,.org,.info,.ca,.tv,.us.
• Identifies the country, country code and organization of a domain.
• Acquires domain registry details: name, address and email.
• Operates with domains that are verified (verified domains).
• Thorough search engine and advanced search options.
• Allows you to filter information by keywords or date/time.
• The WHOIS server is yours to use for any purpose.
• Domain’s registrant and admin information (registrant name, email address and telephone number).
• Information about the owner of the domain (registrant name, email address and telephone number).
• Registrant country and organization.
• Registrant postal address and telephone number.
• Data about the technical parameters of the domain’s registration (domain ID, NS records and TTL).
• Data about the status of the domain (domain is verified or not verified, status of renewals, etc.).
• Contains a date/time filter allowing you to find only information about domains registered in the last week, month or year.
• Filters information to find only information about one or more domains and in different ways (from – to).
• Information about the organization (information about an organization as part of a domain) and if a domain is verified or not (verification status).
• Command line tool designed to speed things up.
• Free for use.
• Contains source code, making it easy for a developer to modify and enhance the application.
• No installation required.
• System requirements:
• Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10
• Free software
What’s New
– Added the ability to search registrars’ databases (registrars are provided on the ‘search_engine’ parameter).
– Added ‘re’ as an advanced search option.
– Added the ability to extract registrars’ emails.
– Added the ability to extract registrars’ phone numbers.
– Added the ability to extract the organization data in a domain (defaults

WhoisCL Crack + Full Version Free

Add a command to the windows shell environment to automate generating and saving Macros. An icon for Macros is added to the Windows taskbar. You can also run macros from a folder in the explorer window. Macros can be nested.
How to install:
-Download and install the application.
-Install the other programs needed for the macro to work if they don’t already exist.
-Restart your computer and run the application, Macros are loaded on startup.
-Import the Macro using the import icon in the taskbar.
-You are ready to use the macro from your files.
-Open the folder containing the macros to use the macro.
-You can create new macros or edit existing ones.
-If the folder is empty and you want to add a macro, simply copy one of the existing files and paste it to the folder.
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• Ability to save and load macros• Ability to create new macros
• Ability to create separate macros for desktop, quick launch, taskbar and Start menu
• Ability to copy and paste macros
• Ability to access shell scripts in the same folder as macros
• Ability to install a macro into the system registry
• Ability to run a macro from a folder in the explorer window
• Ability to nest macros
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
Microsoft.NET Framework: 3.0 or later
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard disk space: 2 GB free
Screen Resolution: 1024×768 or higher
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There are many reasons why you might need to get information from domain name in the first place. It’s usually associated with a change in admin and/or a new registrar. While most people would think they need to contact the person responsible for the domain to inform them about any changes, in fact, you can simply contact the registrar on their behalf and get the necessary changes done.
Of course, when you contact the registrar you are requesting information about the domain name and the person responsible for the account. Naturally, the registrar will direct you to the domain owner and not a remote operator of domain.
Frequently asked questions

Q: How to get the information about domain?

You can simply sign in to your account via domain and click on the ‘Contact Us’ tab on the top menu. You can leave a message to the admin of domain and follow it up with your personal email.
Q: Can I contact the registrar directly to get domain information?

Yes, of course. If you sign in to domain name you should be able to contact the registrar directly by following the instructions on their website.
Q: How to get more info about my domain?

Some of the online services that offer domain information allow you to do so for free but not all of them do. To get detailed information about domain, you can always use WhoisCL which is a command line tool created to help you get the information you are looking for.
Additional information

There are many tools you can use to help you get the information you are looking for about domain name. This list is not in any way exhaustive and does not include all the features and tools available.

Namecheap is one of the most widely known domain registrars out there. A company with a long history in the domain industry, they have been around for over 10 years and are always striving to make improvements and remain at the forefront of the domain industry. As one of the oldest and most reliable domain companies online, you can be sure that they have a lot of experience and information to offer you. The fact that they’ve been around for a very long time means that they have a solid base of satisfied customers, many of whom have been with them for years. One of the best features they offer is the ability to manage multiple domain

What’s New In?

WhoisCL – HTTP API Demo
This free (as in speech) application is totally independent of the WhatIsMyName service and is not in any way linked to it. WhoisCL is an application meant solely for personal use and does not guarantee results. It’s a lightweight command line tool especially created to offer you an alternative to the online method of obtaining information about a domain. With it you can gather exact data about its registrant and admin along with various tech related info.
A command line tool to speed things up
There’s nothing wrong with using a ‘whois’ online service to properly identify a website. The disadvantages that exist are more or less user preference related.
For one, not having to deal with an interface means that fewer resources are used by your system while extracting the data. Secondly, the time interval needed to obtain the information is considerably shorter. Using WhoisCL you don’t have to waste time opening your browser, accessing the website, typing in the domain name and waiting for the results to come up.
Indeed the time it takes may vary between computer system configurations and Internet connection speed but that is irrelevant since the search is performed on the same machine, meaning that WhoisCL definitely offers faster results.
View domain information in a neat list
To access information all you have to do is load the application into Command Prompt, type in the domain name and hit the ‘Enter’ key. In a second, everything about the website that is available as public information is displayed in an easy to read list.
You get details about the registry domain ID, registrar URL, name, email and phone, along with information about the country, organization, street, city, admin name, contact details and much more.
Obtain domain information in a few steps
All in all, WhoisCL might not be a tool that appeals to the greater majority of people but if you have to deal with situations where you need to quickly get domain information, it’s a very good solution.

The project has started in the late 90's, in 2000. At the beginning the project was designed to show the IPv4 address of a domain name. This project is called WhoIsIPv4. The project has been designed to work with many of the existing databases and the format used for output is plain text format. The main files are the database and the command line tool, both for Unix and Windows.

PHP Whois

PHP Whois is an extension for PHP. It is a fork of the Whois project by Chris Barth. PHP Whois is a command line utility that can be used to lookup the domain name and other contact information of a domain or the IP

System Requirements:

* Display : Size : VGA/HDMI
: Size : CPU : Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 (650, 750, 950)
: Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 (650, 750, 950)
: RAM : 4GB
* A DirectX 9 compatible video card with a resolution of at least 1024×768, with a color depth of 16-bit (16bpp) and OpenGL 2.0, OpenGL 2.0 ES compatibility.
* A GPU with at least 64MB

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