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Sub4Del Registration Code Free (Latest)

Keeping you computer clean can be a challenging task. No matter what top of the line file manager you use or how developed your OCD for tidiness is, at some point you’re bound to have an undetermined number of empty folders that serve no purpose.
Sub4Del is a lightweight tool that adds a ‘Remove Empty Sub Folders’ entry to the shell context menu. This allows you to quickly and easily remove any empty folders that reside inside a larger directory. With a simple right click all folders are deleted, on all levels.
When installed, the application makes changes to the system registry in order to make the menu addition so you need to run the application in in administrator mode to be able to use it.
Interface-wise Sub4Del is a context menu entry so besides the settings panel there isn’t much to discuss. From there you are able to activate the new option for the context menu, and have the application display a message after the folders are deleted.
Though Sub4Del only deletes empty folders, you can set the application to ask you before you remove any folders. It doesn't seem like a relevant feature but when you run a folder cleanup, the removed folders are shredded not sent to the Recycle Bin, meaning they are permanently gone. So if you know you have the habit of writing addresses or phone numbers in the titles of empty folders then you need to have this feature activated.
In closing, Sub4Del is a genuinely practical application. It rids you of any number of empty folders in less than a second and helps you keep your computer clean and well organized.


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Keep your computer organized with Sub4Del Activation Code. Easily remove any empty folders by just right clicking on them and it will also create new subfolders for you automatically. Automatically searches the directories for the correct items like music, documents, video and more so you don’t have to search for anything. The application also has the capability to keep the indexes updated for all folders.

The Lifer Script Engine is a powerful scripting engine that supports the Java Script programming language. It provides you with a set of useful functions that make you write less code. It works in conjunction with an application, so it is not necessary to run the application every time you wish to use a function. This means you are not forced to leave the script you are working on to run a program. There are also several built-in applications. This script engine is a freeware application.

Get-AppLockerFileDescriptionIn simple terms, this command allows you to output a batch of information about an.applock file. This can help you know why.applock files are created, and where those files can be found on your computer.
The output information includes the path to the file, the.applock file’s authorization status, as well as other information you can use to help troubleshoot.applock files.
This command also allows you to identify.applock files based on certain criteria.

Whether you’re dealing with a big project or a simple task, if there is a need for data manipulation, or even better, complex data processing, you can always use the VBA programming language to automate it. However, if you are not an experienced programmer, learning a new programming language can be very difficult and time consuming.
BookCode is a software application for beginners who want to learn how to use VBA. It makes it very easy to learn programming, even for people without any programming experience, as it provides a complete VBA tutorial and code assistance toolset. The application is very intuitive, and does not need to be customized to be customized.
The user interface for the application is very simple and clean, with very nice graphics and user interface.
BookCode has several options that allow you to modify your code and customize it in a different way. BookCode has a great help system that will guide you through the application’s interface and teach you programming basics. The help system can even be configured to display additional help at any time.
The help system is very well written, and goes through all important

Sub4Del (Final 2022)

KeyMacro can be used to create a new custom keyboard shortcut for an application by specifying the command line used to launch that application. It can also be used to assign command line arguments to an existing keyboard shortcut.
The KeyMacro installer will launch the application and prompt the user to enter a Command Line Arguments list. It will then offer to create a new keyboard shortcut that can be used with the Command Line Arguments passed in. You will also be able to assign existing keyboard shortcuts to a new Command Line Arguments list.
This can be an extremely handy feature as it allows you to assign a custom Command Line Arguments list to an existing keyboard shortcut without changing the existing application. I’ve used it myself to assign a new keyboard shortcut to the Firefox web browser so I can launch it from my Start Menu and I can specify the Command Line Arguments that I want to use.
Interface-wise KeyMacro is a simple application with a small Help Menu. It’s a bit on the lightweight side but everything is there for you to use. There is no options menu as such but there is a nice explanation of how the application works and how it can be used.
KeyMacro can be used to assign command line arguments to a keyboard shortcut. To do this, click the Add button from the application menu and you can simply enter the Command Line Arguments you want. After pressing the OK button you can assign a keyboard shortcut to the Command Line Arguments you entered by clicking the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.
Once you’ve created the keyboard shortcut you can assign the Command Line Arguments to the keystroke that is being used. It’s fairly simple to use and there is no need to modify your Command Line Arguments in the registry.
In closing, KeyMacro is a great tool for anyone who uses keyboard shortcuts a lot. It’s easy to use and can be used to assign keyboard shortcuts to Command Line Arguments.
How To Install:
Click the Download button to start the download of KeyMacro.
Once the download is complete and you click the Run button you can install the application or click the View Files button to see the contents of the package that was just downloaded.
Double click the INSTALL.EXE icon to launch the installation or go to Start -> Run and enter the following command line: “C:\Program Files\KeyMacro\KEYMACRO.exe”.
If you click the View Files button, you can then click the View Files tab to see the contents


Keep your computer clean and organized at any given time. This is a lightweight, easy to use application, that removes any empty subfolders from your PC. This helps in keeping your computer clean and organized. Once installed, the application adds a “Remove Empty Sub Folders” entry to the right click menu. It doesn’t matter whether you want to remove the empty subfolders inside a folder, in a directory, or anywhere on the computer. Once you activate the application, any empty subfolders in your entire directory hierarchy are immediately removed.

Sub4Del Version
Add a “Remove Empty Sub Folders” entry to the right click menu.
A warning message is displayed after removing the empty folders.

Delivered from the developers of DownThemAll and Superior Firewall, DTA Cleaner is a light-weight tool that assists you in maintaining your PC in a pristine condition.
With DTA Cleaner installed on your PC you’re able to remove potentially harmful and unwanted files that reside on your PC and improve the speed and efficiency of your PC.
Though many applications make the effort to assist you in maintaining the safety and cleanliness of your PC, DTA Cleaner differs from them.
First, the application does not add a ‘Remove Browsing History’ entry to the context menu. This makes DTA Cleaner unique amongst other applications in this genre. If you do not wish to have the option of removing your browsing history you don’t have to. DTA Cleaner takes care of the task for you.
Another unique feature of DTA Cleaner is that it provides the ability to instantly and silently remove items from the Registry. The application does not silently scan for items to remove or require user input. With DTA Cleaner installed on your PC you can have items added or removed from the Registry without having to do any reconfiguring on your part. You can safely remove any of the following from the Registry:
1. User Account Information: The name, the passwords, and all email addresses and social media credentials used by the user.
2. Browsing History: Your visited URLs, the time you were browsing, the date and the number of times you were online, etc.
3. Programs and Program Shortcuts: The list of all programs you have installed on your PC and the shortcuts associated with them.
4. Internet Browsers: The list of all browsers you have

What’s New In?

Remove empty subfolders in Windows Explorer with a right click.
World premiere:
The only tool of its kind, Sub4Del generates a file named ‘_DelEmptySubFolders_’ and places it in the Windows folder.
New update:
Sub4Del v.1.01 version 1.2. Sub4Del is a light application, which displays a message and helps you to clean up your computer.
What’s new:
Version 1.2:
1. New file: ‘_DelEmptySubFolders.txt’ has been added.
2. New file: ‘_DelEmptySubFolders_h.txt’ has been added.
3. Windows 7.
4. Windows Vista.
5. Sub4Del can be activated as a context menu extension.
6. Support for Windows XP.
Change log:
Version 1.1:
1. Notifies the user on opening new empty folders.
2. Fixes problems with contextual menu on Windows 7.
3. Fixes problems with receiving Windows Start menu search results.
Change log:
Version 1.01:
1. Notifies the user on opening new empty folders.
2. Fixes problems with contextual menu on Windows 7.
3. Fixes problems with receiving Windows Start menu search results.

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System Requirements:

Windows 10 64-bit
-Windows 7 64-bit:
Windows 7 64-bit
-Windows Vista 64-bit:
Windows Vista 64-bit
-Windows XP 64-bit:
Windows XP 64-bit
-Hardware Recommended:
Intel i3 2.0 GHz or AMD equivalent
XP Professional, Vista Business
-Graphics card:

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