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SMTP Proxy Crack PC/Windows (2022)

You can configure your SMTP Proxy Torrent Download with your domain name and your email address.
A single email address is sufficient for this application.
A single email address should be setup to direct all emails to this server, for example
This email address should not have the ability to send emails to any other email addresses.
You can start your SMTP proxy from your command prompt as follows:
1. Go to the folder where you have SMTP_proxy.jar. (Please make sure that the same folder is mapped for the application to work properly.)
2. Run the application with the following command.
java -jar SMTP_proxy.jar smtp://domain_or_email_address:25
If you don’t specify the port number (the default is 25) and specify a virtual host in the smtp command, the application will launch by default on port 25 on the loopback IP address (
This will provide the best testing results since SMTP communication is not always routed through the outside network (even when you are using your external email host).
If you want to use a different port, just enter the port number you want to use in the -port command line argument.
For example:
java -jar SMTP_proxy.jar smtp://domain_or_email_address:465
You can also setup multiple SMTP proxies for a single email address.
All email messages sent from the email address will be routed through all the proxy addresses.
This is especially useful if you are trying to test how your email server handles messages from specific domains.
If you are sending email to multiple recipients, you can setup multiple proxy addresses.
All messages sent to a recipient will be routed through all the proxy addresses, but it is not possible to specify the proxy address for each recipient.
Thus, you need to have multiple email addresses setup on your SMTP proxy.
MongoDB does not support SMTP authentication. You must use a non-SSL SMTP proxy to authenticate the sender.
Because your SMTP proxy runs on the same machine as your MongoDB database, all traffic between the two is unencrypted.
This means that all SMTP traffic between MongoDB and

SMTP Proxy Crack Download PC/Windows [Latest 2022]

KeyMACRO is a free SMTP Proxy server that uses a public key to encrypt SMTP sessions.
SMTP Proxy server uses a public key encryption method to securely encrypt SMTP sessions, but this encryption is not a symmetric encryption. This means that the password to decrypt SMTP sessions is the same as the password to encrypt SMTP sessions. If the password to encrypt is compromised, the password to decrypt is also compromised.
Because of this fact, this type of encryption is not considered very secure.
SMTP Proxy uses public key encryption to allow us to log SMTP sessions for future reference.
Using this script will allow you to log your own SMTP sessions to a log file.
You can view the contents of a log file after the script finishes running using the View Log Output option in the Script options.
You can view the contents of a log file in real-time with the View Log In Real-Time option in the Script options.
How to use this script:
Simply follow the instructions below:
– Run the script as the Administrator
– Add a destination file for the log file
– Add the line “log_file=” in the script options
– Enter the destination file for the log file
– Choose how long to wait for the script to finish before starting it again (Default is 5 minutes)
– Change options to customize this script as you wish
Optional options:
– Use the “-” argument at the end of the destination file to read from STDIN instead of a file
– Use “>” to log to a file in current working directory
– Don’t read the script options. It will log to STDOUT by default.
How it works:
– This script uses 2 pipes. One is for the SMTP session and the other is for the destination file.
– Pipe 1 is run as a shell job in a background process. It prints out all the SMTP sessions.
– Pipe 2 is run as a shell job in a background process. It takes in all the SMTP sessions and log them.
– You can run this script multiple times in multiple sessions. This will create a new log file each time.
Don’t forget to read the How to use script options to set the values for log_file, log_read and log_wait before you run the script.
Known Issues:
– This script opens a new session for each file. If there are multiple files

SMTP Proxy With Key Free Download

SMTP Proxy is a server that can be used to debug an actual SMTP server. It is able to determine if your server is sending messages correctly and who is the sender, who are the recipients, and if your SMTP server accepts messages.
SMTP Proxy is very handy if you are trying to debug problems with your email server. If you have multiple computers or if you want to send messages through multiple server you can run SMTP Proxy on each of them. You can even use SMTP Proxy to test multiple servers, receiving messages through each one of them.
SMTP Proxy can be configured to use more than one IP addresses and work with multiple servers.
All messages that are sent to SMTP proxy server are logged into a MySQL database. This information is very helpful if you are trying to debug your server.
SMTP Proxy can be run as a Windows Service or a Unix executable file.
At the moment this is only available for 32 and 64 bits systems, but I will make it available for other systems.
What is the maximum size of log file?
Log file size is limited by maximum allowed file size (which you can change).
Can I use my own domain name for SMTP proxy?
Yes you can.
What is the difference between SMTP Proxy and Auth Proxy?
They both can be used to debug SMTP server and they both use logging.
SMTP Proxy comes with an extra and very useful feature that Auth Proxy does not have: I can see who is the sender and the receivers, so I can tell which one of the sender was wrong.
Auth Proxy do not tell which server sent message to you, and thus you have to make some assumptions and conclusions.
SMTP Proxy tells you which server sent the message, and which is the server you will have to deal with.
Where do I get the source code?
Code can be downloaded from:

Version 1.1 is the last and the only version with a license, version 1.0 is freeware.
How do I set up the SMTP Proxy server?
SMTP Proxy server needs to be configured in order to work. It is very simple to configure it.
1. For Windows
– Go to the folder where you downloaded file
– Unzip the file into a folder (for example /smtp-proxy/)
– Open smtp-proxy

What’s New In?


SMTP proxy is a tool that intercepts and captures all SMTP connections sent by any MTA (SMTP Mail Transfer Agent) to any MTA on any IP address. In the default configuration, the mail traffic is captured in a file that can be later analyzed with any text editor. The application is written in Java, and requires Java 1.4 or later.
It can be used for debugging smtp servers, to perform security audits, or to catch spam before it is accepted.

1. SMTP Proxy requires a reverse DNS record (rDNS) to be associated to every IP address for which it logs SMTP connections.


1. Install the unzipped SMTP proxy to your application’s
root directory.


1. Java 1.4 or later


This application is distributed under the GNU GPL license.
Any and all updates, and all new versions of SMTP Proxy,
are free to use as long as this license is respected.
If you want to add a patch to the application, that is also
free to do. The name of the author of any modifications,
should be put into the changelog. The license for those
changes have to be respected as well.

The author:

The application was written by Christian Hesseldahl.


I would also like to thank Steve Shimp for help in
developing this tool.


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How can I get current calendar month and year in php?


PHP has an internal function to get the current calendar month and year:
strtotime(‘last month’);

strtotime() is probably what you want.



I guess it would be better to use Carbon though (as recommended by @rob_schollum)


Getting current month or year is simple with the following code:
$date = new DateTime(‘now’);
$this_month = $date->format(‘m’);
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System Requirements:

Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-2350M 2.3 GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 460 or ATI Radeon HD 4670 / Intel® HD 4000
Hard Drive: 1 GB free space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card (minimum of 5.1)
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Other: Microsoft® Office 2010/2013, Adobe® Photoshop® CS

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