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Paterson: The Best in the West

Paterson: The Best in the West is a 2013 documentary film about Paterson, New Jersey. It is a continuation of a project launched in 2009 by director and producer Ben Lee and the nonprofit organization Friends of Public Education, Inc. (FPE). FPE, based in Paterson, has raised over $500,000 to start, develop and continue funding the documentary through grassroots fundraising efforts and has partnered with filmmaker Ben Lee to film the documentary in New Jersey and create the documentary as a fundraising vehicle. The film was shot on location in Paterson and follows the lives of residents of the city. The initial goal of the production was to raise $100,000, but as of May 2013, the documentary has raised $328,947 through online donations and in-person contributions.

Paterson: The Best in the West is narrated by Robert Beltran, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and others and features interviews with Tony Bennett, Kim Deal, Maria Muldaur, Kathy Griffin, Ben Sheff, Grant Shapps, George Pataki, Bill Roggio, Rick Astley, the late Elliott Smith, and others. The documentary is distributed by Eagle Rock Entertainment.

On March 18, 2009, Friends of Public Education, Inc. (FPE), an organization based in Paterson, New Jersey, began a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the documentary Paterson: The Best in the West, a project that would follow the lives of people who are living in Paterson and the economic issues affecting the city. During the campaign, FPE raised $17,000 from more than 1,000 donors within 19 days. Filmmaker and director Ben Lee was unable to raise the necessary funds to cover the project’s production expenses, so FPE and Lee partnered to continue producing the film using the skills of other filmmakers and volunteers who agreed to be involved in the documentary. As of May 2013, the documentary has raised $328


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