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FOP is a Document Object Model (DOM) based XSL-FO implementation, meant to be easy and fun to use. It handles XSL-FO transformations automatically from within Java applications, allowing you to get out of XML editing as soon as you are happy with the output. It can be used with Ant tasks, Maven projects, or any other build system. MiniScribus, a free personal/lightweight editor of XSL-FO documents. MiniScribus gives you a very comfortable way of working with XSL-FO documents.

How to Install MiniScribus On Ubuntu

First of all Download the Latest FOP MiniScribus on your system.

Now extract the downloaded zip file using command.

sudo tar -xzf MiniScribus-2.0.4.tar.gz

As this is the first time installation, so it will take some time. So dont wait for hours.

Now run the FOP MiniScribus by the command


If it is showing any errors then install Apache FOP and maven.

sudo apt-get install apache-fop libapache-commons-math-java

sudo apt-get install maven

Now all the things are done. Now go to the Main Directory of the FOP MiniScribus Application.

cd MiniScribus

Now to get all the dependencies of the application.


After the installation process is done, the application is installed in a new directory of the application which is the target/bin directory.

This is the default setting in the application. If you have any concern regarding your application then it’s better you change the setting.

Now open the FOP MiniScribus application by running.

cd target/bin

You can run the FOP MiniScribus application by running as



java -jar MiniScribus.jar

This is the FOP MiniScribus description.

If you want to Install MiniScribus on Ubuntu 16.04 or later, run the following commands:

We’re planning on releasing a new version of FOP MiniScribus for Ubuntu 17.10 and 18.04 sometime next week. The version for Ubuntu 17.04 will also eea19f52d2

Some consumers seek anonymous information while surfing the Internet. Others simply want to access their favorite websites without restrictions.
If you want to ensure that you remain anonymous while surfing the Internet and your footprint is as minimal as ever, ensure a greater degree of security while using public (possibly unsecured) networks, and you also want to bypass various geo-restrictions, then a VPN is exactly what you need.
Fortunately, there are numerous good VPN providers out there, with more and more popping out with each passing day. LetsVPN is one of the latest services to come to the already flooded market betting big on the ever-expanding Asian market.
Potential clients are offered a basic VPN service without many features and the possibility of choosing between various servers such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, China, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
Simplistic and very intuitive GUI
LetsVPN is available on only one popular desktop platform which is Windows, and two mobile ones
iOS and Android. All 3 of them have similar interfaces, with matching color schemes and, overall, manage to offer their users a satisfactory experience.
In the case of the Windows app, things are quite straightforward. The GUI offers users a set of basic information such as the app’s version number, the chosen subscription plan, and the number of days until it expires. Of course, users can easily switch between the aforementioned servers with little to no effort and manage their other devices (if their subscription supports this option), and that’s about it.
Average VPN service with a strong focus on the Asian market
To conclude, at first glance, LetsVPN is not exactly what one might call impressive. It’s clearly more focused on the Asian market, but with time the company might expand and with this potential development maybe even start to offer users more useful features. However, if you are just looking for a simple VPN service that works on your computer and your mobile phones, and you find the price to be compelling, then LetsVPN will surely get the job done.
Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any relevant information about the statistics involving the loss of transfer speeds when using the service (even though we have to admit that we didn’t notice any significant loses in terms of transfer speeds). Just as concerning is also the fact that there is no information on how the service handles logs (an aspect that could have various potential unwanted effects on your privacy).
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