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Speed+ Downloader is a simple to use tool that allows you to manage all the downloads you initiate and speeds them up as well. It enables you to undertake multiple downloads at the same time and increases the speed at which you can obtain the files by splitting them up into multiple streams. Moreover, to save bandwidth or allocate it to a specific download, you can pause others that are currently active and continue them once the high priority one is complete.
User-friendly interface
Speed+ Downloader enables you to grab files off the Internet through the use of a simple and comprehensive interface. It consists of a main window which allows you to view a list of all the downloads, both active and completed, while also displaying their overall progress.
Once a download is finished you can access a context menu for it and opt to either open the folder that contains the file or remove it from the list. If you’re not really into opening menus, then you can make use of buttons that perform the same tasks but are displayed in plain sight.
Automatically copy the download URL
Speed+ Downloader doesn’t seem to integrate with your web browser so clicking the download button for a file won’t start to grab it. However, if you copy the download link to the clipboard, the application automatically identifies it and once you add a new task, it is inserted into the URL field.
The fact that Speed+ Downloader doesn’t transfer downloads to it as soon as they are initiated in a web browser can be both a bad and a god thing at the same time. As far as the negative aspect goes, you have to waste a couple of seconds to add the download URL which turns into quite the problem if you don’t know how to obtain it.
On the other hand, being independent of a browser means that you have fewer chances of ending up with an interrupted download since browsers tend to crash quite often.
A reliable download manager
To sum things up, Speed+ Downloader is easy to use and gets the job done which should be sufficient reasons for you to try it out.Q:

Kirigami, die cutting, and conductive ink?

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(c) 2019, Universal Extractor. This program is licensed for home use only.
It’s a well-known fact that the Windows registry keep track of everything that’s happening on the computer, from user and app permissions to information about launched programs and other accessed files.
If you’re interested in an accurate method of viewing frequently used apps on your PC, especially if you share the workstation with other people and want to know what they’ve been doing, you can resort to UserAssist.
Find out information about frequently used programs
It’s a tiny and portable app that can analyze the exact registry file containing all info about favorite apps, called “ntuser.dat”. Unfortunately, it cannot autodetect this file, which means that you have to find and open it yourself.
Although this might seem like a pesky task, you can use a capable file searcher to quickly locate ntuser.dat, like Everything. On the bright side, this means that you can even copy ntuser.dat from other machines to analyze their info.
Analyzes registry hives and saves information to file
Once analysis is complete, UserAssist compiles and shows various information about each program found in the registry hive of frequently used tools, including the app name, source code, number of times it was launched, and data of last access. If you’re not comfortable with reading data in this window or just wish to do this later, you can save all info to a CSV-formatted file.
The program successfully retrieved the ntuser.dat information on Windows 10 in our tests. It carried out the scanning operation quickly while remaining light on system resources usage. Because it’s wrapped in a portable package, you can keep it in your collection of portable utilities or save it to a USB flash drive to easily move it between all your PCs.
Taking everything into account, UserAssist comes to the aid of any user who wishes to retrieve useful details about frequently accessed applications, such as names and count.

Find out more about what you like about UserAssist, what you don’t, and whether it has improved since your last test.

Is UserAssist better than other software that can tell you what programs people are using?

UserAssistant Description:
(c) 2019, Universal Extractor. This program is licensed for home use only.
It’s a well-known fact that the Windows registry keep track of everything that’s happening on the computer, from user and

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