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Search the world’s information and more! Helping you find the right word, term or phrase while exploring millions of online resources such as books, movies and more.Kinect’s era at Microsoft has been short-lived, but the tech giant isn’t done integrating it into its products. For example, the Xbox One now has a “Project Playground” feature that allows kids to use Kinect to control a variety of app-specific toys.

Microsoft’s Project Natick — which could be the answer to the company’s main challenge: convincing people to use Windows 8 — doesn’t yet have a firm release date, but it’s expected sometime in 2014.

But even after Microsoft moves on, Kinect will live on in the living room. On Tuesday, the company revealed two new Kinect-based tools for parents, one of which controls TV watching, the other of which helps children develop their spelling and memory skills.
Ask HN: What is the right way to access hidden directories in JavaScript? – salawat
For example, if I want to access a folder and the contents within it as a JSON string without first executing a browser-based script, what is the right way to do so? The standard approach is to set up a.htaccess file with a RewriteRule pointing to the file, but that seems, well, hackish. Is there a way to do this through a CDN or something similar?
Depending on how strict you want to be about it, you can just cd to the
folder, and when you want to read its contents use readdir or readdirSync.

Greece at the 1932 Summer Olympics

Greece participated in the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, United States.



Greece entered seven athletes in the athletics events, one man and six women. None of them won a medal.

Track & road events

Field events

Track events

Field events


Greece entered two boxers into the tournament.

Round of 32 — Lost to Frank Klaus (Argentina) by points (3-4)


Greece entered one man into the canoeing events. He did not win a medal.



Greece entered a single cyclist into the Olympic competition.

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· Unlike other mail packages, Fastmail does not come with any application to read your mails. Instead, it includes a tool which helps you to get your e-mails.
· You can use a mail scanner. The app will scan your mails and transfer them into your mails.
· Fastmail is an app to get your mails, but it doesn’t come with any application to read them. Instead, it includes a mail scanner and transfer tool.
· Fastmail does not come with any application to read mails. Instead, it includes a tool which helps you to get your e-mails.

Simple List – is a small application that help you to create a list of all your calls and that can be kept in your phone with the help of a list view. You can easily see who called you, when they called and for how long they called you. And this can be easily updated without additional installations or tweaks.

Simple List Features:
· There is no any Google Apps integration. It works independently on any Android device.
· No ads. There is no any advertisements on this application.
· The list can be exported to text files and read by any other applications.
· There is no any Spyware on this application. There is no any unknown software.

Simple List Screenshots:

Screenshots are available on the Google Play.

If you have questions regarding this App, Please see:

To see more Simple List reviews visit:

· It features a timer to schedule your reminders and timer to share them through the calendar. You can easily add, edit and delete the reminders/timer as you like.
· You can check the weather forecast at any time. The app also provides the temperature and the humidity as well as a detailed overview of the upcoming days.
· The calendar feature allows you to set your appointment and schedule reminders for it.
· The timer feature helps you to set a timer for yourself to enjoy something special for a little while.
· The weather feature provides a detailed overview of the current weather conditions as well as forecasts for the upcoming days.
· The app has been optimized for different screen sizes and different Android versions. It is also compatible with the tablet devices.

Flux – is a

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