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HomeGenie can be used to control many electronic devices. It includes powerful scheduling and alarm management functions and even tracks your home energy usage. It can also be used to remotely monitor homes and business, from the convenience of your desktop. It is a smart monitoring system that also allows you to create your own scenarios and alarms. HomeGenie can keep your home secure and you can access the program through your desktop, by logging in to the program’s login page.
HomeGenie offers a free 7-day trial version.

HomeGenie is a reliable application that allows you to control your home automation system, by analyzing and tracking all the connected appliances. The tool is simple to use and runs in the default browser, allowing you to quickly access your dedicated home network, for electronic devices.
Convenient dashboard design
HomeGenie allows you to quickly access the various programs categories and schedule or monitor several electronic appliances in your home. The program features a comprehensive dashboard that you can use to view and modify the home automation system in your home.
HomeGenie can help you schedule lights automatically turning on, as well as security systems being armed and so forth. You can create a plan for energy management and use the pattern presets that HomeGenie offers. Thus, you may select the Energy Saving Mode, which ensures that the dimmer level is kept below the configured value, monitor the energy consumption or schedule the lights to automatically turn off.
Automation control for devices and security systems
Aside from energy management, HomeGenie also allows you to view the weather forecast, store messages or notifications from social network websites and control security devices. Alarm systems or IP cameras can be activated according to specific schedules and you can even create a complex timetable, in which to configure all the appliances.
The program supports numerous plugins, plus widgets and allows you to easily modify the network connections. The access to the program’s interface, namely the browser page can be restricted with a password and you can easily check network statuses.
Administrate your home automation system
HomeGenie runs in the background and remains connected to the local network at all times while the automation system is active. It can generate statistical data graphs and save the activity logs, for security reasons. The interface is customizable and you can increase or decrease the size of the statistics database.
HomeGenie Description:
HomeGenie can be used to control many electronic devices. It includes powerful scheduling and alarm management functions and even tracks your home energy usage. eea19f52d2

FlipAlbum Vista Pro is the perfect tool to create the perfect interactive album of your vacation pics! Create a book, import media files, fill it with cliparts, make it interactive and share it with everyone!
FlipAlbum is the software that creates interactive photos and videos for you in no time. FlipAlbum will find all your photos, movies and music in one place. Now you can instantly publish these photos, videos and music albums to a website, blog or Facebook account.
You can also use FlipAlbum to create CDs and DVDs. Upload your photos to a CD and your friends will receive a free CD with a digital version of your photos. FlipAlbum has unlimited potential, and here are a few of the things you can do with it:
Create a photo album in minutes – FlipAlbum is the fastest way to create a digital photo album. Simply insert your photos, movies and music into FlipAlbum, and you can create a great looking photo album in minutes.
Create a custom disc – FlipAlbum can create a custom photo disc for you, and you can personalize the disc with your photos, music, movies and even text. You can have more than one disc with different layouts and presentations.
Receive a free CD with your photos – Upload your photos to FlipAlbum, and then you can create a CD for you and your friends. You can print your photos to make sure that they last a lifetime, or send your friends a free digital copy of your photos.
Create a video disc – FlipAlbum can create a high quality digital photo and movie disc. You can add text, pictures, music, and videos to your disc. You can create a special DVD for a vacation or an anniversary, or create a disc for a party.
Create DVDs and CDs – FlipAlbum makes it easy to create DVDs and CDs. Insert photos, movies, music, and text and FlipAlbum will create a professional-looking disc.
Create a photo and video CD – FlipAlbum can create a high quality photo and video CD. You can add text, pictures, music, and videos to create a personalized, high quality disc.
Add books, magazines, and newspaper articles – FlipAlbum can add a variety of books, magazines, newspapers, and magazine articles. Add a book, add pictures, add music and videos, add text and change the page orientation to make it look great.
Burn a disc – Make sure you always have a copy

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