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foundations digital chapter 4 post test answers

cacheCopy Portable is a small, lightweight utility that can rip images from various browser cache and save them to a folder. The tool may come in handy for users who come across various images on the web, but let’s say, they forget to save them immediately. Most modern browsers save images and other associated files in the cache to speed the loading times, in the eventuality that users decide to visit those particular websites again. The application is designed to go through the cache and rip all images. However, it is important to note that the program solely has this role and that users still need to go through the images manually in order to find a specific image. Nevertheless, the tool can save a lot of time and energy, as otherwise users will be forced to find out where their default browser saves these images. The tool works with most modern browsers, although by default it displays just Chrome and Internet Explorer. In case of other browsers than the aforementiQ:

Strange behavior of System.currentTimeMillis() when there is no network

I have a problem with System.currentTimeMillis().
I am reading from a sensor every 3 seconds which means I get an integer every 3 seconds.
When there is no connection to the internet (the user uses the app in the background without any network), I get every 3 seconds the same value.
For example, if I get the value 3378 (seconds), then 3378, 7839 (seconds), and then 7839, this value is the same every time it occurs.
It is a very strange behavior and I have no idea why it occurs.
The code is the following:
long lastTime = 0;
int interval = 60;

public void getPeriod(long lastTime)
this.lastTime = lastTime;

public void update(long lastTime)
lastTime += interval;
timer = new Timer();
timer.schedule(new update(this), lastTime, interval);

public void run()
if(lastTime > System.currentTimeMillis())
//all work eea19f52d2

PdfHighlights is an intuitive and efficient piece of software which you can rely on for extracting annotations, comments and other marked text from PDF files, enabling you to generate a report which can then be exported to XLSX format.
Clear-cut and accessible user interface
The program goes through a quick setup process, with no particular events, after which it allows you to launch it and get started working with it.
It features a clean and easy to understand visual appearance, so you will not need to waste your time attempting to figure out how to best use it.
Load your PDFs and extract annotated text, saving it to XLS
PdfHighlights enables you to import your documents individually or in bulk, a whole folder in one go. To do this, you can either drag and drop the items onto the main window or you can browse through your system and load them manually.
The application analyzes the contents of your PDFs and automatically determines if they contain any annotations or highlights, generating a report and displaying it in its interface, for you to view.
Optionally, you can export it to an XLSX file, on condition that you have Microsoft Excel installed on your system. This way, you can work with those bits and pieces of information unrestricted, without having to handle large PDFs.
However, PdfHighlights does not allow you to modify the position of the extracted elements, nor can you remove certain annotations, for instance double-entries, from the report. This can only be done in the spreadsheet editor.
A practical PDF annotation extractor
Overall, PdfHighlights proves to be a useful, albeit rather limited utility, which can assist you in grabbing specially marked text from Portable Document Format files, so you can work with it more easily.
Download PdfHighlights
[3.4 MB]

Wright Bros. Agent Video Recorder is a powerful software to record and manage your time-lapse videos. It is a video recorder that includes multiple features to help you achieve great results.
Wright Bros. Agent Video Recorder Description:
Wright Bros. Agent Video Recorder is a time-lapse recording and management application that enables you to record and manage your camera-generated videos in a much simpler manner.
This software is very easy to use, as it is user-friendly, having a user-friendly interface with a simple design. You will be able to record and manage your videos without any difficulty, and this

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