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This is a specialized software utility designed to let you use your mouse as a keyboard. It’s similar to something that Microsoft has included on their operating systems since Windows 3.1.
What it does:
There are three functions built in to this software. The first is a keyboard-only version of the cut, copy and paste. This is where you can use the mouse to edit a file or window and insert content. For instance, it allows you to paste a keyboard entry into a file, then insert that text later on.
The second function in KEYMACRO is that it lets you use the mouse in various other ways. For instance, you can drag a program onto a shortcut to have it launch automatically, but this has to be done manually.
Finally, you can use the application to perform a lot of normal mouse operations. If you click a mouse button with no program in focus, you can switch to that program and select items from a menu. This includes the context menus of many different programs.
The last, and most important feature in KEYMACRO, is that it lets you make custom hotkeys. This means you can set shortcuts to have the mouse do what you need. For instance, you can click a mouse button to make the most recent entry in a document appear on the screen.
There are no other built-in functions in this application, and there are no keyboard-specific shortcuts for normal functions.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to turn a Mac into a PC, and you can’t change mouse drivers. Also, this application has no use for home or office users, since it’s designed to perform specific actions rather than anything else.
This software is very useful for people who perform repetitive actions, or use different programs frequently.
KEYMACRO allows you to create custom hotkeys without having to use a keyboard.
It’s also able to launch specific programs with a single mouse click.
This application needs to be run in a relatively high-speed machine to work correctly.
It lacks a lot of built-in functions.
The mouse can’t be easily changed.
Some version of the software may not work with some mice.
It can be really handy to have a way to replace a keyboard with a mouse, and this application does just that. However, it’s not a useful application for everyone, and especially not for work.

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– LiveCD with the option to change your keyboard shortcuts
– Booting from a USB drive to test your Linux LiveCD.
– Several useful Linux software and games

DESCRIPTION of the program:
– Installing and using this application is easy, even if the interface is complex
– You do not need to burn a CD-Rom or to reboot your computer
– A “Booting menu” allows you to choose the directory where your Linux LiveCD should be installed
– You can choose to install or not your Linux LiveCD at the beginning of your session
– Once your Linux LiveCD is installed, you can test it by clicking on “Test my LiveCD”
– This program works on Windows XP, Vista and 7

> NOTE :

If you’re installing MobaLiveCD on Windows XP, your computer will be asked to update your system. The result of this update will be a very slow system that cannot be used properly.

If you want to install MobaLiveCD on a Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Vista SP2, you need to download the Windows XP Mode activation file for Windows 7 and Vista available in this site.

If you want to install MobaLiveCD on Windows Vista, you need to download the Windows XP Mode activation file for Windows Vista available in this site.


> – You can select the “Easy mode” option (this mode is much more simple and secure) :
> – You will be able to specify your Linux LiveCD path in a new window, and your Linux LiveCD will be installed there.
> – You will then be able to try your LiveCD just after a reboot of your computer
> – The activation is done automatically by the program and your computer will be running much faster!
> – MobaLiveCD will inform you if something goes wrong. If MobaLiveCD is unable to download your Linux LiveCD for example, you will be able to browse the Internet again and fix the problem.
> – There is no need to reboot your computer.
> – Activating Windows XP Mode does not require any update of your system, and MobaLiveCD will be able to use it.


> – You can select the “Simple mode” option :
> – You will be able to specify

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