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The animation is controlled through keypresses. The key name, the stroke width and the duration of the stroke are defined in keymacro.txt.

The file is an ASCII text file where each line is a keystroke. The keystroke is associated to a duration and a stroke width in milliseconds.

The application is very simple: Press the Enter key to exit the application, or press the keys defined in the file to perform calculations.

To use the calculator, go to My Documents, create a new folder and place the animated calculator in the folder. When the Animated Calculator is launched for the first time, the user should see a button named “New…”. Clicking the button launches a File Dialog, where the user can select a keymacro.txt file to be loaded into the calculator.

Note that the user may choose any text file as keymacro.txt. However, it is strongly recommended that the text file be saved as keymacro.txt in order to avoid possible typing errors.

Press the “New” button to create a new keymacro.txt file. The user can also use the menu option File->Open… to load an existing file, or press the “Load keymacro” button.

If no file is selected, the application will automatically look for a file named keymacro.txt in the current folder.

When the file has been loaded, press the “Load” button to start displaying keystrokes in the Calculator. The user can now test the keymacro by pressing the keys defined in the file.

The application uses a timer to decide when the animation should end. The timer is also used to display the keystrokes in the animation. In order to view the keystrokes, the user may press the Spacebar, or go to the “Animation” sub-menu and press the “Animation” button.

When the animation is activated, the animation is controlled by keystrokes defined in the text file. Pressing one of the defined keystrokes, stops the animation for a duration defined in the keystroke. The animation may be stopped by pressing Enter.

When the animation is deactivated, the “Animation” sub-menu is disabled. Pressing Spacebar or clicking the “Animation” button will start the animation again.

When the animation is running, the “Animation” sub-menu will display the “Animation” button in its lower menu. Press 384a16bd22

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LinkFixerPlus is a robust macro-writing program that makes it easy to add or remove linkages from drawings, by moving the source files and their linked content to new locations and preserving the source locations in the drawings. LinkFixerPlus will fix and restore broken linkages automatically.
LinkFixerPlus offers an alternative to using the link and xref editing tools in the Modeling environment. The link and xref editing tools do not work with drawings that contain multiple folders and subfolders, nor do they support the ability to easily move or rename files. LinkFixerPlus also makes it easy to move or rename files and Xrefs in drawings, in batches, and to move or rename multiple files and Xrefs at once.
LinkFixerPlus is the only macro-writing program on the market that will automatically fix and restore all broken links and xrefs in a drawing that was moved or renamed.
LinkFixerPlus also enables users of Autodesk AutoCAD to easily move or rename drawings, in batch, without causing broken references in the drawing files. Additionally, Xrefs in AutoCAD files can either be automatically fixed as the files are moved or renamed, or Xrefs can be automatically repaired after the files are moved or renamed.
LinkFixerPlus can also generate a variety of detailed reports showing all of the Xref paths contained within the drawing files. It will even automatically validate each and every reference, including references pointing to Xrefs, images, fonts or OLE objects, so that broken references can be easily identified and repaired.
LinkFixerPlus can also batch-fix broken linked objects as drawings are moved or renamed.
LinkFixerPlus for AutoCAD is also available for the following operating systems:
Windows (2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8)
Mac OS X
Debian/Ubuntu Linux
Fedora/Red Hat Linux
Slackware Linux
And is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Requires.NET framework 2.0 or later (version of.NET Framework installed on your computer may be too old to use version 1.1.4322 of LinkFixerPlus).




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LinkFixerPlus for AutoC

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