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The program enables the user to easily import macro files from external software such as Kontakt and NI Massive. The integration to other software platforms (e.g. Ableton Live) is also possible. It is equipped with a full-function control panel. This allows for a quick and easy control of your media using your MIDI keyboard, a virtual keyboard or the mouse.
KEYMACRO is equipped with a classic key-based interface that enables you to edit and play the virtual instruments. This will allow you to learn your way around the instruments intuitively, and create new tracks easily.
The in-app sound engine is optimized for multi-core processing, and it also offers a “ghost clone mode” option. Therefore, users are able to create real drum patterns with ease. The application features a powerful editing function that is equipped with numerous editing tools.
KEYMACRO lets you easily arrange your projects in the built-in sequencer, and save your work with the sound templates. The program also features a project manager and a browser that allows you to quickly search for sound files, arrange them and load them to the project.
It is possible to create kits that include drum and bass and acoustic drum patterns. Moreover, it is also possible to export the drum kits to MIDI. In addition, it is possible to create patterns that are based on the classic drum kits (e.g. rock drum kit, jazz drum kit).
KEYMACRO is a powerful program that is equipped with a variety of features. It offers a perfect interface, and it can be used by beginners and professionals as well. The application is capable of importing sound samples, and it can be used with all software that supports the virtual instruments, such as Ableton Live, Reason, Kontakt, Kontakt 4, and others.
– Drag and drop a sound file to load a sound
– Insert virtual instruments
– Create audio clips and save them in the internal memory
– Import macro files from external software
– Search for other virtual instruments (i.e. NI Massive)
– Control and automate virtual instruments with your MIDI keyboard
– Create audio clips in real time
– Drag and drop audio clips to the sequencer
– Arrange audio clips with time and other parameters
– Load your projects in the sequencer with the sound template
– Save your projects in MIDI and audio files
– Listen to the sounds you created
– Adjust the tempo and volume with the keyboard and 84e02134c1

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Simple, fast, reliable, and intuitive. NiceClip was designed to be a simple, fast and reliable clipboard extender. It keeps all the data you copy or paste in a small binary database. You can paste anything on the clipboard, at any time, from anywhere. Just right click, and copy, paste or delete!

Latest news

Version 1.1.2: – Fixed bug: when the application was moved to the system tray, it wasn’t visible when launched in the Startup folder.
Version 1.1.1: – Fixed bug: In the Tools menu, the option Delete All was always active.
– Fixed bug: Customize shortcut wasn’t working.
Version 1.1: – Added language support: French and German.
– Fixed bug: when saving data in the database, new lines were added automatically.
– Changed: From version 1.0 to 1.1, a script was added to remove the database when the application was closed.

Version 1.0: – First version.


NiceClip needs a functioning Windows NT/2000/XP operating system. It should work with Vista and Windows 7 as well, but the application is not tested on those operating systems.

How to install

Download the installer and extract it.
In the install wizard, accept the licence terms, select the desired installation location, and then run the setup file.


If you close the application while the database is being created, the database will be deleted when the application is closed.
The database should be located in the same folder as the executable file.

Once the database is created, the application icon is added to the system tray. To access the main options, right click the tray icon and select options.


By default, the application runs in the system tray, and it can be made to run in either of the following configurations:
• Always on top – Always on top.
• Minimized to tray – Minimized to tray.
• Inactive – Only when the icon is clicked.
• Disabled – Disable the application.

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NiceClip Review by TeamViewer1.0: “NiceClip is an excellent clipboard extender that is lightweight and easy to use

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